Ahh a Stripper Child

24 Aug

The following is a true story…Unfortunately

There are 3 main characters in this story. We will call them FuckaHoe, StripperHoe, And StripperChild.

I get some frantic texts this morning from FuckaHoe. He is saying to me Please look up this chicks myspace and tell me if there is any mention of or a hint of a Child. I ask him how old is the stripperChild. He says 7 or 8!! I look at stripperHoe’s myspace and holy shit, She is a true hoe. Thats all i’m saying.  So I look around and there is no hint of a child on her myspace. He asks me to check stripperHoe’s facebook. It’s private so i sent a friend request out to her to see if i can investigate farther.  FuckaHoe FLIPS OUT.   He starts saying “Oh my god!!!!! she is going to find me BLOCK HER NOW BLOCK HER.”. I ask him what the hell is going on and he says i’ll call you after work. I can not stop laughing at this point because only FuckaHoe would totally get himself into this situation. FuckaHoe calls me and tells me what happened.

FuckaHoes child did this drawing

FuckaHoe decided to have sex with StripperHoe multiple times while he was in another state “working” with out a condom. FuckaHoe had a girlfriend at the time also who does not know about StripperHoe.  That same girlfriend is his wife now.  StripperHoe turns all stalkerish and when he tried to cut ties and move back home to our home state she flips out says shes moving with him and he quits talking to her.  A few weeks go by after they stop talking and StripperHoe calls him and says shes pregnant.  FuckaHoe calls bullshit and deletes her number completely and blocks it.  7 years later StripperHoe contacts him and is trying to get in contact with him.  Most likely about stripperChild.  FuckaHoe is in Deep shit with his wife already because she thinks hes cheating on her with his best friend. Which HE IS NOT!!!! So FuckaHoe thinks he has a stripper child walking this earth and refuses to accept that and is trying to avoid stripperHoe.

Picture of FuckaHoe and stripperHoe the night they met

FuckaHoe…I know you are reading this….But the moment StripperHoe told you to “dot her eyes” you should have ran as fast as you could. What the hell were you thinking??

I will keep you updated on what happens with stripperChild and that whole mess.

Oh and FuckaHoe i added this picture just for you=)

FuckaHoe is the guy in the pink shirt

ughhh Seriously????

29 Jul

Hello Bitches.  I know I don’t blog much anymore  but life is busy!

Soo I have an issue with these retards….But let me warn you..if the word “wigger” offends you I suggest you get the fuck off my blog

Where the hell do I begin.  First of all more than likely these were taken in their mom’s basement in a rich suburb.  How do they not know they look ridiculous???

Oh and look who I found while I was googling pictures

Bray…Seriously…This is not a good look for you

Moving on

My next issue are these whores

Seriously…Do i even need to say anything about that?

I know this blog is short but I promise this weekend I’ll come up with a killer blog.

tomorrow is picture day so make sure you come back!

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Just a Picture today!

23 Jul

Sooo I have absolutely nothing to blog about today so i leave you with a picture.

I don’t know who that sexy lady is:-)

Attention you alcoholics.

22 Jul

I think I found the best invention EVER!!!!!!

Holy shit balls…

You can drink a full bottle of wine and NO ONE would know.   Ughhh I am totally buying this shit

While I am shopping I think i might buy this little gem

Those are whiskey stones.  I am not sure what the fuck is up with the grey color.  It kind of turns me off a bit but these are just too good to pass up.. This is what they do.

These little ice-imitators are specially designed to put a slight chill in your Whiskey. All you do is put them in the freezer for a few hours and then pop a couple into a glass of single malt. Once you’re done, rinse, dry and do it all over again! And no need to worry about a watery drink, because these stones don’t dilute (that’s the best part).

I know you are all a bunch of alcoholics so you can buy these gems HERE

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Nothing like a good ole muffin top

19 Jul

I am sorry I have been neglecting you whores. Its been a busy busy week. And my kids have been all up in my shit constantly. I can not wait for school to start.

So since its summer I have been seeing a lot of this…

Okay maybe not that extreme but I do see this all the time…

That is not sexy….For one she looks like a tomato with legs…for two UMMMMM DONT BUY SHIRTS THAT ARE TOO SMALL!!!!! You look ridiculous!!!  NO ONE wants to see that crap.  And while im at it…Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it.

I can’t even count how many times I have gone through walmart and seen this shit.  GAG.

Now I am not bashing fat people.  We all know Atomic Gator has a weight issue.  Sorry bud :-(.

But I can not stand to hear “over weight”(trying to be politically correct here) people bitch about how tough it is to be fat and how it sucks and blah fucking blah.  If you are “over weight” because of a medical issue, I’m sorry that really sucks and continue bitching, But if you are over weight because your fucking lazy, then BOO FUCKING HOO.

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9 Jul

So Fridays are my rants for the week.  Well I would like to bitch about a whole shit load of people…

People against Gay marriage…

First of all why wouldn’t anyone want to walk around and look at this on the streets?

umm yeah do I see anyone objecting here?  I think not

My favorite argument is “oh it will ruin the sanctity of marriage” Um no sorry im pretty sure this dumb fuck did

He has been married about Six thousand times

The divorce rate for Straight marriages is over 50%…So please tell me that lesbians will ruin that??

And I am bout 90% sure this dumb shit was all for gay marriage when he was running for president

So I ask you this question.  Why do we deny gay people a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT?

And maybe I would like to look at lesbians on the streets all day long…who the hell wouldn’t want to see this??

I am pretty sure if I didn’t meet my husband I probably would have been with a girl.  Well because girls are just easier to deal with than men

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Holy shit balls….

8 Jul

There is a Do it your self lasik eye surgery.  Yes you read that right.  I am not sure if this is a joke or what but what the fuck.  Who the hell would be crazy enough to do that shit?  I have TERRIBLE eye sight.  My glasses are thick as can be.  Even my contacts are thick and I still would never in a million years do this.   Here are the 4 easy steps on how to do it

This is what the kid comes with…

The Complete LASIK@Home Kit (patent pending) includes everything you need to complete the procedure.

  • Scal-Pal™ Hand-Operated Combination Femtosecond/Excimer Laser
  • Mild sedative (diazepam 4mg)
  • No-Blink™ brand Eye Drops
  • Detailed Instructions and QuickStart Guide
  • Protective Post-Op Sleep Mask

Good lord.  What dumb fuck would actually do this?

Moving on…

The most fucked up toy award goes to…

ummm yeah.  There is not much to say about that toy

And I am not sure if this tattoo is an epic win or a total fail.

And the last story of the day is….

The most fucked up of them all…

France’s “Hannibal Lecter” said Wednesday a sexual urge drove him to kill his cellmate and “curiosity” about the taste of human flesh led him to cook and eat a lung he ripped out of the corpse.  He said he flew into an “uncontrollable” rage after his victim gave him a “dirty look” on January 2, 2007 after he ordered him to wash his hands after using the toilet in the tiny cell they shared with a third inmate in Rouen.

He said that after pummeling his victim, he took a pair of scissors and plunged it into his back, neck and chest a dozen times before holding a plastic bag over his head “for five minutes” to make sure he was dead. Then he decided to eat Baudry’s heart for his evening meal. “I take a razor blade and I open his chest. I plunge my hand in and I take out what I think is the heart but which in fact is a piece of lung, which I put into a Tupperware container,” he told a transfixed courtroom. “I did it out of curiosity to see what it was like to eat human flesh,” said Cocaign.

“What is terrible is that it (the lung) was good,” Cocaign told him, according to his testimony. “It has the taste of venison. It is tender. What I did I liked doing.”  “No one was listening to me,” the detainee said. “I took action, and then they took me seriously.”

Would anyone like to try a piece of lung?  Maybe a kidney?

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A cluster of shit.

7 Jul

I havent really blogged lately because things have been crazy busy around here.

A little update on Andrew.   He has been doing okay.  He was doing excellent.  He started eating better and had much more energy.  But this past week he has been running random fevers again and is tired a lot.  So I guess its back to the doctor.  I have been putting it off because I just can’t stand to see him get more blood work done.  It breaks my heart. So please keep the prayers coming for him.  Oh and he also picked up a few new phrases.  He walks around saying “what the buck”(fuck) and “holy cawp” (crap) I think i need to watch my whore mouth.

And now on to Lindsay Lohan

Umm she’s a fucking train wreck. A Massive train wreck.  If you didn’t watch it live on TMZ like I did because I have no life it was hilarious.  Let me sum it up for you.  Lots of eye rolls, bull shit tears,and she kept bugging her lawyer.  I have to say, im really glad that whores going to jail.   Shes going to end up dead soon if she is not careful.  Plus she’s so damn cocky its nice to see her get knocked down.

I’ll be back to blogging this week=)  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

You are a dirty whore…Just saying

2 Jul

Well this weekend is 4th of July!!! Yay for drunken idiots and fireworks going off till 3 in the morning!!  I will be in Columbus Ohio for the long weekend so I most likely wont be blogging.

So Friday is , Friday bitchyness so here is my rants for the week

Dear Stalker,

I see you came back.  Just wondering what your obsession is with my family?  Since you are here why don’t you say hello in the comments.  You are like 55.  You are to fucking old to be doing this shit.  Move the fuck on already.  Keep on coming back hunny, I’ll put your fucking picture up on here.

Dear Creepy ass gas station attendant,

Ugh I HATE coming into your gas station, but since smokes are fucking outrageous and you are the cheapest place around I have to come back.  Quit following me around the store.  Your fucking gross and you smell like cat pee.  I swear you bathe in it.  You have asked me out I don’t know how many times.  Do you really think I am going to say yes?  For 1 you are fucking gross and for 2 I have 3 kids and a husband. NO THANK YOU

PS.  That fucking Texas size zit on your forehead is gross too.  1 word…PROACTIVE

Dear 400lb over weight bitch next door

Um I understand that your husband is creepy neighbor who wears suspenders, who has an obsession with me.  But I can not help that,  Do not be a bitch to me because your husband is some pedo.  I have a gut feeling you guys have like a freezer full of fingers or some shit.

PS.  You need to take a walk around the block lady

Well that’s all for today!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Katt stacks…

1 Jul

I debated on whether or not to do a post about this.  But honestly I had too.

If you have never heard of Katt Stacks, she is a blogger who blogs about having sex with, well, most of young hollywood.   She does not leave any details out and the verdict is still out on whether or not she is telling the truth.  Well apparently she pissed off bow-wow.  And just recently this video came out…

It is actually really hard for me to watch.  Why didn’t anyone help her?  They all just sat there and watched this happen.  This is not the first video that has come out in the media with a women getting beat up and people just watching and video taping it.  Whats even more shocking is people saying she deserved it.  Yes this women, well, is a whore.  She has sex with a bunch of people for money.  And while you or I do not agree with it, still does not give two grown wannabe gangsters the right to beat her up.

I think it speaks volumes about our society today.  Incredibly sad if you ask me.

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