The Chocolate Poop.

29 May

If your squeamish, I suggest you not read any farther.

Andrew has yet to be potty trained.  All the so-called “experts” say do not rush potty training.   Well all I have to say to them is,  Fuck off.  I suggest you potty train before this happens to you.   It was like any normal day.  The kids were being crazy and fighting in the living room, and I was in the kitchen washing dishes(yes I hand wash my dishes, my husbands to cheap to buy a dish washer) trying my best to ignore them.  The baby started crying so I headed my way to the living room.  I picked her up layed her on the floor to change her poopy diaper(which she happened to have shit all the way up her back).  And to my horror I look over at my leather recliner and see chocolate smeared all over the chair.  I looked at Noah and Andrew and they booked it to their rooms.  I called them out there and asked where the heck they got that chocolate from and to go get some wipes and they both needed to clean it.  Noah says to me “MOM,  that’s not chocolate, it was Andrew”………


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