Well the adventure begins.

29 May

I started this blog mainly so I can keep track of the ridiculous things  my husband and kids say.  My mom tells me regularly that they need their own reality show.  I want to be able to look  back and say to them “I can not belive you said that”.  Basically this blog will be about my little adventures in my life as a stay at home mom!  I have two little smart ass boys(I say that adoring of course).  Noah is 5 and Andrew is 3.  And one sweet little girl Emma who was born on January 8th 2010.  Let me tell you about my boys.  They are nuts.  They say the funniest shit.   Noah is very kind and loving,  But has an attitude like a pissed off 80-year-old man who hates the world.  Andrew is one big mush ball of love.  But of course his older brother Noah has rubbed off that little 80-year-old man attitude on him.  They are loud obnoxious and some times down right will drive you crazy.  But you just cant help but love those two little boogers.  I am not sure what Emma will be like.  I do know she is very sweet,  and she looks at her brothers like they are bugging her.  But she is absolutely adorable(well for now at least, until she learns to talk).  And then we have my wonderful husband.  He is in a whole other category of him self.  He doesn’t think before he speaks.  And says absolutely the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times.  But none the less I love him dearly.  We will be together on June 17th for 7 years!  I always tell him the 7 year itch is coming so he better behave and watch his mouth=) .  Thats pretty much it for my family.  And I hope you enjoy all of our little adventures to come.  And I hope some make you laugh and cry and sometimes just shake your head.


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