Rethinking everything

2 Jun

When you are forced to think about your child potentially being very sick you start to rethink EVERYTHING about your life and parenting styles.  Things that bothered me or bugged me so much just a week ago make me think today , why do they bother me so much?  Like when there yelling and screaming and fighting,  what would it be like if they didn’t do that?  I think the silence would kill me.  When there all riled up and running around the house being silly and laughing and im trying to do something or im on the phone and I just want them to be quiet.  I rather have them doing that then have the house be quiet.  Or maybe that cookie for breakfast wont be so bad on them after all.  In 10 years will it matter if I gave them that cookie for breakfast? Or the ice cream they wanted for dinner?  I truly think that this whole thing with Andrew is happening for a reason.  Its made me want to change the way I parent.  To enjoy the moments that there loud, obnoxious and silly.  I want to enjoy every little thing they do.  Because one day they will grow up and they wont be this way forever.  I encourage every parent to imagine what life would be like if there house wasnt filled with laughing kids and loud annoying kids screaming and enjoy these moments in life that we have,  even when you feel like you just cant listen to another scream again.  Life truly would not be the same.


One Response to “Rethinking everything”

  1. Mindless Rambler June 2, 2010 at 2:24 pm #

    You are so right. Both my girls are at school now and there are some mornings once they have both left and breathe in the silence but give it a couple of hours and I’m looking forward to seeing them both. I love the half hour with my youngest before the older one gets home from high school and soon after she arrives home and the screaming at each other starts and I think “here we go, another warzone” but you know I wouldn’t have it any other way. xxx

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