The little things that matter

6 Jun

So I had a little melt down.  It’s really hard not seeing Andrew be “Andrew”.  He has always been such a great eater.  Always.  Every 5 minutes he would tell me he was hungry.  Today I could hardly get him to eat anything.  He is drinking his pediasure which reasures me a little bit but it’s still not enough.  At bed time he ALWAYS comes out at least 3 times and tells me he’s hungry and will eat a fruit snack or cheese or whatever else he can find.  And lately he doesn’t do that=(  He just goes to bed.  I know it sounds so  silly for me to get upset over but it does.  I just kind of broke down after the kids fell asleep.  I want him to bug me every 5 minutes to tell me he’s hungry.  I want him to be crazy and wild and annoying like he always his.  I think parents take for granted when their kids are like that.  I know I sure did.  We kind of walk through like oblivious thinking nothing bad will ever happen to our family.   When in reality something very easily  could.  In one week our lives have changed so dramatically.  My husband lost his grandma, his Uncle, and found out our little boy is sick,  All in one little week.

So to whoever is listening up there,  Could you please cut us One tiny little break….


One Response to “The little things that matter”

  1. Mindless Rambler June 6, 2010 at 9:10 am #

    Only think I can says is *Big Hugs* to you sweetie. I’m not even going to pretend I know what you are feeling inside, I only know how I feel when one of my girls has been sick, you wish you could take the sickness on board yourself to take it away from them.

    It is good that you broke down, good to let it out, it’s like your own pressure valve.

    My thoughts are with you. xx

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