Check out line troubles

16 Jun

So this is a story from a while back,  but I thought it was hilarious so im blogging about it today.  Actually I have two stories.  I’ll start with the chocolate man.  When my older son Noah was learning his colors for some reason he always thought the color brown was Chocolate.  The kid loved candy what can I say.  So we went grocery shopping one day and while we were in the check out line there was this very nice African American man.   My son,  just learning his colors blurts out in the most loudest voice I have ever heard him talk in, says, “MOM THAT MANS MADE OF CHOCOLATE” .  Ugh.  I seriously wanted to crawl in a hole and die at that moment.  Everyone in the line was laughing,  even the nice African American man.  Thankfully he didn’t take offense to it.

Story two.  Another check out line story with my same son Noah.  Why the hell does this kid do the most random things?  So here we are in the check outline at the grocery store again.  There was this really mean old lady in front of us.  I had two kids at the time.  And my kids were being loud like usual.  But this lady did not like it.  My kids were like 3 and 1 at the time so really she could just shove it.  She kept shooting us dirty looks.  Noah was hanging on the front of the cart and this lady was standing in front of him.  Well my son decided to randomly stick his hand in this lady’s but crack!!!  Im not kidding.  This is not a joke.  He took all 5 fingers and just decided to poke her ass, Right down the frickin crack.   I have no idea why.  Maybe because her ass was right in his face?  I don’t know.  But I thought this lady was going to shoot us all.  She turned around gave me the dirtiest look ever.  It didn’t help that me and my husband couldn’t stop laughing.  I know it was very rude and we did tell him he couldn’t do that in the car.  BUT it was seriously hilarious at the time.  It was just so random


5 Responses to “Check out line troubles”

  1. Mindless Rambler June 16, 2010 at 8:40 am #

    This made me chuckle. I think one of the worst things to happen with my kids when out is when my now 13 year old was 2 and we were in a cafe and the waitress had a huge wart thing on her chin with hairs growing out of it. Well even as adults we couldn’t help but stare, now just as the waitress leaned over to put our order on the table my daughter grabbed these hairs and pulled. We just froze, the waitress carried on with her work and no body said a thing other than my daughter who said “lady has hairy chinny”.

  2. nobodyouknow June 16, 2010 at 12:32 pm #

    Your kids are the funniest!! :’D I was dying as I read this 🙂

    And just for the record, I don’t mind being told that I’m made out of chocolate 😉

  3. Sarah Baram June 16, 2010 at 5:01 pm #

    What sweet stories! When my younger brother was a toddler, he used to adore women with stockings… Even going so far as to stroke their legs! Thankfully no one took offense to him either!

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