umm seriously?

1 Jul

Parents are having a huge bitch fit over this commercial.  I have no idea why.   Some people are saying it “sexualized” children.

There are three things wrong with that

1. Um no it doesn’t you dumb shit

2.  The kid is supposed to be “cool” that is why they are all staring at him.  Not because he is sexy.

3. The people who think this is sexualizing children are the fucked up ones, I mean really whats going through their head?

You know what sexualized children?  Those fucked up glitz pageants.

If you are making your daughter look like this..then you have some serious issues on your hands.

I think my husband might keel over and die if I dressed my daughter up like this.

Did you know that they have a SWIMSUIT part in these pageants?  Yeah a fucking swimsuit part.   Now I must ask.  Why the hell do they need little girls parading on stage in a swimsuit so they could judge them?  Nothing like telling your daughter hey you’re not pretty enough at 5 years old so lets cake on the make up, do a spray tan, put some fake teeth in your mouth and parade you around in a bathing suit in front of some middle-aged men who are judging the pageant.  It’s incredibly screwed up if you ask me.

Have you noticed that most of the pageant moms are over weight housewives?  Just saying….

The Napkin Dad

30 Jun

I think the best dad award goes to…

Napkin dad

Here is a little excerpt from his blog on how the whole thing started.

“The Napkin Dad Daily began as a series of drawings and quotes on napkins that I put in my daughters’ lunches during their middle and high school years, most every day from 1998 -2004.

I started doing the napkins while I was unemployed and making their lunches for school. I did 3 a day, one for each daughter. After many months I felt sort of depressed because, as funny as it sounds, it was the my main creative outlet, the only artwork I was doing at the time, and they were all being thrown away every day. ‘Oh well’ I said, and went about doing them until the end of the year.
My wife at the time was not happy in the marriage (we later divorced) and took the girls to California to visit her family in the summer, and I was not invited. I was home alone on Father’s day when the girls called to tell me they had hid their presents for me around the house. I walked around the house following their hints and found my oldest’s and my youngest’s presents.
My middle daughter directed me to a bottom drawer somewhere and there I found a napkin she had drawn for me …
and below it…there were all the napkins from the entire year! She had saved every one and given them back to me for Father’s Day. It truly was the best present I ever got, I cried when I found them. She really didn’t, and couldn’t, understand how much it meant to me to have her do that, and to have them still in existence. I continued to draw the napkins for 4 more years, almost every day, until my youngest graduated from High School.
In 2005 I started scanning them little by little and posting them to my site, which I had set up for my photographic work but had been posting drawings to as well. The napkins got a great response and I started to consider ways I could get them out to a larger audience. In 2008 I started the blog you see here, the Napkin Dad Daily, and started posting a napkin a day. Eventually I added commentary below some of the napkins, in response to conversations that were going on in the comments, or on flickr.”

I have to say,  This is probably the sweetest story I have ever read.   I didn’t have the best father growing up.

I have a little soft spot for great dads

So many times we get into the rush of life and do not make time to do little things like this for the people we love.  Sometimes a simple note or a “napkin drawing” can make a huge impact.  I remember my mom leaving me notes in my lunch box.  I loved it.  And I really wish I would have saved them.  I think we need to slow down a bit and do the little things like this for our kids or people we love.  My challenge for my self and for others to join me if you would like is to do one nice thing like this daily for someone YOU love.

So Napkin dad I really applaud you for doing this for your girls and being such an awesome dad.  This is something that they will always remember and hopefully pass on to their kids some day.

The Napkin Dad Daily, is in the running in the ‘Most Inspiring’ category People can vote on it until July 12th.

Please take a second and Vote here!!

Dear you creepy ass stalker

29 Jun

ahhh i see you found me again.  Did you search my moms screen name to get to this blog?  Whats your obsession with us?  Must not be happy in your life are you?  Is he a complete dick to you also?  Can I say I TOLD YOU SO.  I know you are reading this.  And guess what honey,  I can see EVERYTIME you read this blog.  So please keep coming back=)  Next time I find out you came back i’ll put your name in this post=) Then i’ll send it to all of your neighbors….GASP what will they think?!?!!! oh heaven forbid the “neighbors” might find out how fucking creepy your ass is.

Hope you enjoyed this blog bitch:-)

A ridiculous post…

29 Jun

I have absolutely nothing to blog about today so I figured I would copy down a conversation that happens every day in my house=)

If your my family stop reading right here

I’m serious….

You better not be reading this…you wont want too…

Me and Ryan have been together for 7 years.  We have 3 sometimes awesome kids together.  We have an incredible relationship.  But lets face it.  When you have 3 kids all under the age of 5, sex can sometimes be, uh, pathetic.  Most of the time the conversation leading up to sex goes like this

Ryan:  *giving me the “look”**

Me:   “ugh no way I just got emma off my tit I don’t want you hanging off me

Ryan: “babe pleaseee it will take two seconds”

Me:  “I know”

Ryan: “babe come on”

Me:  “ughhh”

Ryan:  “yay!!  Take off your pants”

Of course things get better once we are in the sheets=)

And to top of this ridiculous post here are my favorite fail pictures…from

Ruby is a little whore…

28 Jun

If you have little kids you have probably seen the show Max and Ruby.  Let me tell you a little about this show.  Ruby is the older sister and Max is her little brother.  And Ruby is a little bitch.  She bosses her brother around.  Today the episode was about Ruby loosing her tooth and she made her little brother Max Search the house for HER tooth before he could eat his chocolate muffin.  Umm Ruby quit being a whore.  Where are max and ruby’s parents anyway?  You never see the parents.  Why doesn’t Ruby have any friends?  All of the episodes are of Ruby being a whore bossing her little brother around.  Shes got such an attitude,  It makes you want to smack her.  If she was my kid I would probably beat her(okay not really).

Look at her dragging her little brother around.  He obviously does not want to be hanging with her.

On another note…I think i need a life other then my kids

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The weekend…

28 Jun

I hope every one had a great weekend!!  I didn’t blog this weekend because we were really busy.  We had a family thing and my husband was home on saturday!  He has been working 70 hour weeks.  It was nice to have him home finally on sunday.  I am actually typing on my new present he got me.  A laptop=)  Very excited!  My old computer is a desk top .  A HUGE desktop.  It looks like it’s from 1985.  Also the blog is two hits away from 1000 hits!!! wahoo!  I’ll be blogging later today also, so look out for it!  I’ll add a few pictures from this weekend!


A little update on Andrew

25 Jun

Andrew has been doing awesome this week.  He seems to have a little more energy and is eating a lot more.  I’m supposed to call the doctor this week to get some more blood work done but im not going to lie, I havent done it yet.  I’m really hesitant.  I do not want to poke him anymore unless I have to.   The poor kid just turned 3 and has already had more done to him then some adults.  He has a horrible fear of doctors and I just really do not want to scare him or put him through it unless he gets worse.  I don’t know maybe that makes me a bad mommy for not doing what the doctor wants but I just can’t do that to him unless I think its necessary.

Andrew and Noah have been playing so hard together.  We bought them a little 4 wheeler for their birthday.  And since Andrew thinks he’s king of this house he always makes Noah ride on the back while HE drives.  For some reason Noah, my oldest son, Lets Andrew boss him around and beat the crap out of him.  So they were riding on the 4 wheeler in the front yard and head towards the ditch and what do you know the whole thing flips over on top of them.  I run over there and see these two tiny heads poking out and them laughing hysterically simply saying “mommy you pwease help me”.   Why must they scare their mother into a heart attack?  Those two kids are true boys.

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You my friend are a DOUCHE

25 Jun

So my Friday rant is about Douche bags…This one in particular actually.  He is the one that inspired this blog today…

What the hell is up with this whole Jersey shore shit.  Its retarded.  They all look like complete morons. If you look like this tool then you need help..asap

How do they not know they  look retarded?  Seriously.

Oh and my favorite, are these losers…

I really just have one thing to say…

My next rant is Whores..Yes I know I say that word way to often, But seriously whores bug me especially the whores that wear the shorts with their ass cheeks hanging out, who tan like 6 times a day and wear Ugg boots in the summer with their tiny shorts and a tank top.

You look like a weather confused whore.

Now I know all the men are probably like oh my god whatever its hot.  Well I say you are fucking dumb and no it’s not. Just because you have a good body does not give you the right to dress like a hooker on 5th street.  I weigh 105 lbs and I still do not dress like that.

And to go with the theme of Jersey shore this shit bugs me too..

Well thats  my rants for today.

But a special thank you to Lookitsbray For my awesome looking blog=)

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24 Jun

I want to know who the hell was trying to find this kind of porn??

My family is nuts….

24 Jun

This is my insane family. Summed up in a few screen shots.

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