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The weekend adventure!

14 Jun

I am sorry I havent updated.  This weekend was very busy.  I went to Ohio to visit my sister!  The boys ended up going up north with their dad.  They had so much fun.  It was nice to get a  little well needed break.  This is the boys on the “toonpon” boat at grandma and Grandpa’s house up north

Noah and Andrew on the boat!

Judging by Andrews face, im pretty sure they were having fun.  So those of you who are worried about Andrew his CT scan came back Great!!!  I am truly glad it came back good.  But I am also wondering then what is wrong with my son?  He is still eating very little and his lymph nodes are getting larger.  He still tires very easily.  This is extremely frustrating.  I just want to know whats wrong with him.  I want to be able to help him!  It’s the not knowing part that’s killing me.   His doctor wants to give him a little break from the testing, and I agree,  and then next week we will repeat his CBC and go from there.

Well back to happier things.  I asked Noah if he missed me…He said no=(  But im pretty sure he missed me because him and Andrew didn’t want to leave my side when they got home=).  Thats all for now but I’m sure I will be back blogging sometime today to report the ridiculous things my kids say.

Aunt Mollie and Emma going for a ride!

You are kidding me right??

8 Jun

Soo the CT scan today was a frickin disaster.  Andrew wanted NOOO part of it.  None.  Basically he was like fuck you im not going in that thing ..  We were there from 830….Till 11!!!!!!!!!!  I kept telling the technician he’s not going to lay down on that table,  Can you just sedate him so we can get this done please,  So FINALLY at 1030 the lady brings in BENADRYL!  I’m like seriously?  A,  Your ass should have told me to give him some Benadryl before we came in.  We wouldn’t have had to be here for 3 fucking hours.  And B,  This still isn’t going to work.  I was so fed up at that point I wanted to just scoop up my kid and say goodbye.   Let me tell you why im so angry at the people who worked there.  BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL IDIOTS.  From the moment my son saw that machine we all knew he was not going to lay down.  He was scared…for heavens sake he’s only 3.  And they wanted to put an IV in him.  So they expected my 3-year-old to get an IV in and lay down and sit still so they could do a CT scan?  I mean seriously, come on.   They were getting pissed AT ME because I couldn’t get him to lay down.  I’m like, hello what the hell do you want me to do here.  They had shoved us in this tiny little room for 2 hours after our first attempt and then came in and gave us that Benadryl.  The Benadryl did make him fall asleep but the moment i picked him up he woke RIGHT up.    The whole thing was a disaster and I swear I think every single person in that office must not have had kids because they all looked at me like I was this horrible parent because I couldn’t get my scared 3-year-old to lay still on a big ass machine.   Finally I said this isnt going to work and i left.  I called his pediatrician and told him what happened.  We are now doing it on Thursday at the hospital so they can sedate him.

Oh for heaven’s sake I still feel the urge to punch that technician.

Andrew In the waiting room=)

He was wearing nahhhniees glasses=)

The little things that matter

6 Jun

So I had a little melt down.  It’s really hard not seeing Andrew be “Andrew”.  He has always been such a great eater.  Always.  Every 5 minutes he would tell me he was hungry.  Today I could hardly get him to eat anything.  He is drinking his pediasure which reasures me a little bit but it’s still not enough.  At bed time he ALWAYS comes out at least 3 times and tells me he’s hungry and will eat a fruit snack or cheese or whatever else he can find.  And lately he doesn’t do that=(  He just goes to bed.  I know it sounds so  silly for me to get upset over but it does.  I just kind of broke down after the kids fell asleep.  I want him to bug me every 5 minutes to tell me he’s hungry.  I want him to be crazy and wild and annoying like he always his.  I think parents take for granted when their kids are like that.  I know I sure did.  We kind of walk through like oblivious thinking nothing bad will ever happen to our family.   When in reality something very easily  could.  In one week our lives have changed so dramatically.  My husband lost his grandma, his Uncle, and found out our little boy is sick,  All in one little week.

So to whoever is listening up there,  Could you please cut us One tiny little break….

Rethinking everything

2 Jun

When you are forced to think about your child potentially being very sick you start to rethink EVERYTHING about your life and parenting styles.  Things that bothered me or bugged me so much just a week ago make me think today , why do they bother me so much?  Like when there yelling and screaming and fighting,  what would it be like if they didn’t do that?  I think the silence would kill me.  When there all riled up and running around the house being silly and laughing and im trying to do something or im on the phone and I just want them to be quiet.  I rather have them doing that then have the house be quiet.  Or maybe that cookie for breakfast wont be so bad on them after all.  In 10 years will it matter if I gave them that cookie for breakfast? Or the ice cream they wanted for dinner?  I truly think that this whole thing with Andrew is happening for a reason.  Its made me want to change the way I parent.  To enjoy the moments that there loud, obnoxious and silly.  I want to enjoy every little thing they do.  Because one day they will grow up and they wont be this way forever.  I encourage every parent to imagine what life would be like if there house wasnt filled with laughing kids and loud annoying kids screaming and enjoy these moments in life that we have,  even when you feel like you just cant listen to another scream again.  Life truly would not be the same.

Its hard being a mommy sometimes

2 Jun

I wish i had something funnier to post about today. But unfortunately I don’t.

Have you ever had to pin your 3-year-old kid down so they could get blood drawn?  Oh man it is horrible.  It was the worst experience I have had so far.  My son Andrew has been loosing a lot of weight and his lymph nodes have been swollen for a few months now.  He has a few other stuff going on so there doing a bunch of blood work done.  I had to bring his older brother Noah with me because I couldn’t find a babysitter and Noah just broke down in tears seeing his little brother like that.  It was truly horrible. I will keep everyone updated on his blood test results.  I will not know for at least a few days though.  These next few days are going to seem like years.  It sure can be tough being a mommy some days.

But on a lighter note when my husband got home Noah said to his dad “Andrew got a boo boo on his arm and he cried like a baby”  Guess he didn’t want to tell his dad so did he=)

Did you really just say that?

30 May

God love my husband but sometimes I could beat him.  Ryan absolutely does not think before he speaks.  AT ALL!  And often gets his inappropriate mouth in trouble.  Especially with me.

I had a baby about 4 months ago.  And I have been trying like hell to fit into my size one pants.  Its been a struggle.  My other kids I dropped the baby weight fast.  This time its been hard.  Well This morning I grabbed my pair of capris that I have been trying to fit over my fat thighs for the longest time.  I grabbed them and headed toward the bathroom.  I closed the door braced my self for let down and began to put them on.  Step one, got them over the first half of my legs…YES!  Step two, get them over the fattest part of my chunky thighs,  I wiggled, I jumped, squirmed every which way I could, SUCESS!!! Step 3, get them over my fat butt and actually button them,  I jumped, I danced around, I wiggled my but, I tried sucking my butt fat in, YES!!!!!  I did it!!!!  By this time I had sweat pouring off my forehead and I was fucking exhausted.  But I did it!  They fit.  Sure I had a massive muffin top going on and I couldn’t button them but I didn’t give a shit.  Those mother fuckers actually fit.  I proudly strutted my pants around the house waiting for my husband to notice that I got into my pants.  And as i was doing the dishes he looked at me and said “BABE!  You squeezed into your pants,  Thats great!  You must be exhausted after that”…….

The Chocolate Poop.

29 May

If your squeamish, I suggest you not read any farther.

Andrew has yet to be potty trained.  All the so-called “experts” say do not rush potty training.   Well all I have to say to them is,  Fuck off.  I suggest you potty train before this happens to you.   It was like any normal day.  The kids were being crazy and fighting in the living room, and I was in the kitchen washing dishes(yes I hand wash my dishes, my husbands to cheap to buy a dish washer) trying my best to ignore them.  The baby started crying so I headed my way to the living room.  I picked her up layed her on the floor to change her poopy diaper(which she happened to have shit all the way up her back).  And to my horror I look over at my leather recliner and see chocolate smeared all over the chair.  I looked at Noah and Andrew and they booked it to their rooms.  I called them out there and asked where the heck they got that chocolate from and to go get some wipes and they both needed to clean it.  Noah says to me “MOM,  that’s not chocolate, it was Andrew”………

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