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You my friend are a DOUCHE

25 Jun

So my Friday rant is about Douche bags…This one in particular actually.  He is the one that inspired this blog today…

What the hell is up with this whole Jersey shore shit.  Its retarded.  They all look like complete morons. If you look like this tool then you need help..asap

How do they not know they  look retarded?  Seriously.

Oh and my favorite, are these losers…

I really just have one thing to say…

My next rant is Whores..Yes I know I say that word way to often, But seriously whores bug me especially the whores that wear the shorts with their ass cheeks hanging out, who tan like 6 times a day and wear Ugg boots in the summer with their tiny shorts and a tank top.

You look like a weather confused whore.

Now I know all the men are probably like oh my god whatever its hot.  Well I say you are fucking dumb and no it’s not. Just because you have a good body does not give you the right to dress like a hooker on 5th street.  I weigh 105 lbs and I still do not dress like that.

And to go with the theme of Jersey shore this shit bugs me too..

Well thats  my rants for today.

But a special thank you to Lookitsbray For my awesome looking blog=)

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