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9 Jul

So Fridays are my rants for the week.  Well I would like to bitch about a whole shit load of people…

People against Gay marriage…

First of all why wouldn’t anyone want to walk around and look at this on the streets?

umm yeah do I see anyone objecting here?  I think not

My favorite argument is “oh it will ruin the sanctity of marriage” Um no sorry im pretty sure this dumb fuck did

He has been married about Six thousand times

The divorce rate for Straight marriages is over 50%…So please tell me that lesbians will ruin that??

And I am bout 90% sure this dumb shit was all for gay marriage when he was running for president

So I ask you this question.  Why do we deny gay people a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT?

And maybe I would like to look at lesbians on the streets all day long…who the hell wouldn’t want to see this??

I am pretty sure if I didn’t meet my husband I probably would have been with a girl.  Well because girls are just easier to deal with than men

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