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The weekend adventure!

14 Jun

I am sorry I havent updated.  This weekend was very busy.  I went to Ohio to visit my sister!  The boys ended up going up north with their dad.  They had so much fun.  It was nice to get a  little well needed break.  This is the boys on the “toonpon” boat at grandma and Grandpa’s house up north

Noah and Andrew on the boat!

Judging by Andrews face, im pretty sure they were having fun.  So those of you who are worried about Andrew his CT scan came back Great!!!  I am truly glad it came back good.  But I am also wondering then what is wrong with my son?  He is still eating very little and his lymph nodes are getting larger.  He still tires very easily.  This is extremely frustrating.  I just want to know whats wrong with him.  I want to be able to help him!  It’s the not knowing part that’s killing me.   His doctor wants to give him a little break from the testing, and I agree,  and then next week we will repeat his CBC and go from there.

Well back to happier things.  I asked Noah if he missed me…He said no=(  But im pretty sure he missed me because him and Andrew didn’t want to leave my side when they got home=).  Thats all for now but I’m sure I will be back blogging sometime today to report the ridiculous things my kids say.

Aunt Mollie and Emma going for a ride!

Did you really just say that?

30 May

God love my husband but sometimes I could beat him.  Ryan absolutely does not think before he speaks.  AT ALL!  And often gets his inappropriate mouth in trouble.  Especially with me.

I had a baby about 4 months ago.  And I have been trying like hell to fit into my size one pants.  Its been a struggle.  My other kids I dropped the baby weight fast.  This time its been hard.  Well This morning I grabbed my pair of capris that I have been trying to fit over my fat thighs for the longest time.  I grabbed them and headed toward the bathroom.  I closed the door braced my self for let down and began to put them on.  Step one, got them over the first half of my legs…YES!  Step two, get them over the fattest part of my chunky thighs,  I wiggled, I jumped, squirmed every which way I could, SUCESS!!! Step 3, get them over my fat butt and actually button them,  I jumped, I danced around, I wiggled my but, I tried sucking my butt fat in, YES!!!!!  I did it!!!!  By this time I had sweat pouring off my forehead and I was fucking exhausted.  But I did it!  They fit.  Sure I had a massive muffin top going on and I couldn’t button them but I didn’t give a shit.  Those mother fuckers actually fit.  I proudly strutted my pants around the house waiting for my husband to notice that I got into my pants.  And as i was doing the dishes he looked at me and said “BABE!  You squeezed into your pants,  Thats great!  You must be exhausted after that”…….

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