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Katt stacks…

1 Jul

I debated on whether or not to do a post about this.  But honestly I had too.

If you have never heard of Katt Stacks, she is a blogger who blogs about having sex with, well, most of young hollywood.   She does not leave any details out and the verdict is still out on whether or not she is telling the truth.  Well apparently she pissed off bow-wow.  And just recently this video came out…

It is actually really hard for me to watch.  Why didn’t anyone help her?  They all just sat there and watched this happen.  This is not the first video that has come out in the media with a women getting beat up and people just watching and video taping it.  Whats even more shocking is people saying she deserved it.  Yes this women, well, is a whore.  She has sex with a bunch of people for money.  And while you or I do not agree with it, still does not give two grown wannabe gangsters the right to beat her up.

I think it speaks volumes about our society today.  Incredibly sad if you ask me.

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