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Just pee in the damn cup already

5 Jun

So,  Yesterday the doctor called and said he needed a urine sample from Andrew.  He said we could bring him up there and they would tie something around his pee pee and wait for him to go or we could try getting it our selves.  I know that if they would have tied something around Andrew he would have flipped the hell out and clamped up and there was no way we would be getting that pee.   So I took Andrews diaper off  and me and my husband followed his little but around with plastic cups just waiting to catch that pee.  We were litterly on our hands and knees just following around his tiny old man looking butt.  So after an hour NOTHING.  So I suggested we put him in the bathtub maybe the warm water will help.  So we waited…and waited…and kept telling him to stand because if he sat down he would be cold( yeah yeah I had to lie I had to get that pee) and 15 mins later I caught the pee!!!!!!!!!!!

And tommrow….I have to get him to Drink the barium for CT scan…..

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