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The pregnant Nana

30 May

If you are a mommy you know exactly what that picture is=)  If your not a mommy you are probably wondering what the hell is that and who the hell drew it.  That was drawn by my 5 year old son Noah.  He is really into coloring right now.  He LOVES to draw pictures.  He comes up with the most creative things.  He once drew a “rocket”(i use quotations because it seriously looked like something else…I couldn’t stop laughing for days after i saw it) with a baby inside.  I asked him to draw his “nana” a picture to brighten up her day.  So i left him alone while he colored and came back to see his master piece!  And here it is….nana with a baby in her belly walking a dog lol.  Noahs nana is not pregnant.  And hasn’t been in 20 years.  And she doesn’t have a dog.

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